Issue #37 2023

Living with Art: Greg Natale

In an irresistibly plush and palatial world of their making, we sit down with Greg Natale and his partner Jason Greenhalgh in their Darlinghurst home bursting with historical riches. Nabila Chemaissem writes.

In Series: Kate Horn

A solitary house set in an unspecified rendered landscape in a limited colour palette: these are the things with which Kate Horn asks us to pause, rest and reflect.

Designer’s Brief: Joey Segundo

We invite a designer to create a room to best display each of the five artworks we’ve selected. This issue, industry-leading interior designer Greg Natale takes up the challenge.

Project Sheet: The Nomad of Surry Hills

Inspired by the language of a Romanian sculptor, NoMad House by Alexander &CO. takes us far and away before bringing us back to Sydney’s treasured inner-east. Words by Cardia Speziale.

Artist Profile: Chris Abrahams

Each day Chris Abrahams spends time working in drawing, then paint, then etching, then ceramics. In that order. In each medium, every day, he finds remarkable new ways to portray himself. Erin Irwin writes.

Studio Visit: Shellie Christian

Shellie Christian is a Central Coast sculptor and ceramicist, expressing her life and soul connection with the land through earth-inspired forms.

In Series: Benjamin Cole

For Benjamin Cole, his series Reflection is a raw and emotive visual display of life, events, outcomes, strength and pull post the pandemic. Above: Benjamin Cole, Rest Less, 2023. Photography, 120 x 80cm. Courtesy: the artist.

In Series: Alison Percy

A summer on a mountain, surrounded by the wildflowers of high country: Alison Percy paints us a picture of Bogong’s high plains, with a nod to Japanese calligraphy.

In Conversation With: Lime & Co Studio

Nicolli Roberts, half of husband-and-wife duo Lime & Co, takes us into the wonderous world of bespoke furniture made from natural plasters and microcement.

Artist Profile: Heidi Woodhead

Heidi Woodhead gives us the life and death of a tulip. But first, she suspends us in a dream-like domain. Nabila Chemaissem writes.

In Series: Leree Lindsay

Inspired by the lush native bushland that surrounds her studio, Leree Lindsay introduces us to the bounties of her beloved garden.

Project sheet: La Palma

Have you ever taken the lines of a painting and extended them onto the walls? Sydney interior designer Yasmine Ghoniem has, and her design exuberance within this Mexican-inspired fiesta doesn’t end there. Penny Craswell writes.

Designer’s Brief: Jacqui Armstrong

We invite a designer to create a room to best display each of the five artworks we’ve selected. This issue, industry-leading interior designer Greg Natale takes up the challenge.

Gallery Panel: Cynthia Howard

The work: Cynthia Howard, This Too Shall Pass, 2022. Oil on panel, 60cm diameter. Cynthia Howard’s This Too Shall Pass is a whimsical exploration of the relationship between our internal psyche and the physical human experience. As the realistically painted figure tumbles in cyclecar continuum, her metaphysical self responds to the tribulations of the world […]

Artist Profile: Anthony Breslin

Anthony Breslin’s accomplished and extensive practice is a high-energy, captivating cacophony of objects, colour, memory and emotion performed across canvas, large-scale murals, theatre and what he aptly calls his paint operas. Words by Rose of Sharon Leake.

In Series: Mohamed Abarda

Influenced by his North African origins and heritage, Mohamed Abarda gives us a bewitching, contemporary perspective on the landscape genre.

Last Word: Weave Me This

In true Gobelin style, CEO Sophie Travers takes us under the weft and over the warps to talk Australian tapestry. She describes our age-old relationship to textiles, the weavers that possess the gift of their own secret language and an artform that might just be AI-proof.

Artist Profile: Steve Rosendale

Old-school motels and feel-good nostalgia: for the love of all things 1960s, Steve Rosendale takes us back to the half-remembered images of that film we once saw... Words by Rose of Sharon Leake.

Issue #36 2023

Studio Visit: Anna Fitzpatrick

Anna Fitzpatrick is known for her compositional rhythms, use of bold colours, and intuitive approach to depicting her chosen subject matter — often the ancient and Intractable beauty of the Australian landscape.

In Series: Viktoria Karaman

Viktoria Karaman highlights the importance of reusing materials, blending her passion for trees as a concept with natural materials in her sculptural works.

Artist Profile: Aaron Fell-Fracasso

With an array of materials at his fingertips, Aaron Fell-Fracasso chooses tools often seen in construction to create works so textured, they beg a closer look. Rose of Sharon Leake writes.

Art Mood: Liz Corkhill Knight

Istanbul-based interior architect and designer Rana Güneş celebrates Liz Corkhill Knight's artwork in an enviable 3D rendered setting.

Project Sheet: A Modern Masterpiece

The designs of Greg Natale unfold in ways not unlike the meticulous handling of a great many puzzle pieces, each one fitting with the next to create wondrous harmony, and an intricate result. Rose of Sharon Leake writes.

Studio Visit: Anna Ward

After many adventures, study and travel, New Zealand/Aoearoa-born artist, Anna Ward resides now in Robina on the Gold Coast/Yugambeh with her family. It is here she works from her home studio creating large works full of expressive mark making and layers.

Buyer’s Guide: Brave New Collectors

Confident, cashed up and well-travelled, a new generation of collectors is jumping in at the deep end, but many of the old rules of starting an art collection still apply, according to art consultants. Words by Louise Martin-Chew.

In Series: Lahaina Limaco

Self-taught artist Lahaina Limaco embodies the discomfort between moments, crafting a caricature of the awkward gazes shared and experienced in daily life.

Living with Art: A Story Without Filler

Where every element tells the story of its inhabitants, the Crawford Place home of Brett Mickan and Nick English – partners in life and work – is alive in stories of lives well lived, and tales yet to come. Nabila Chemaissem writes. Photography by Pablo Veiga.

In Conversation With: Ross Potter

Choosing graphite to create his large-scale works, Ross Potter takes the everyday and immortalises it in hyper-realistic art that doesn’t miss a detail.

Artist Profile: Jacqueline Stojanović

Bold in the stories they tell, the tapestries Jacqueline Stojanović weaves are as detailed and intricate as the Serbian culture from which they hail. Sarah Golchin writes.

Art Mood: Elise Hogan

Istanbul-based interior architect and designer Rana Güneş celebrates Elise Hogan’s artwork in an enviable 3D rendered setting.

In Series: Kate Slowey

Sydney-based artist Kate Slowey paints a fluid visual diary, expressing her personal and the universal experience all at once.

Project Sheet: Rounded Out

Working with the client’s existing art collection, interior design studio Duet has taken this Sydney home to the next level with an interior filled with rich colours and a mix of old and new. Penny Craswell writes.

In Series: Katie Clulow

Tapping into her love for botanicals, Katie Clulow effectively captures the movement of her floral subject in a single photograph.

Buyer’s Guide: Living with the Art you Want to Live With

Galleries once brought artworks to a buyer’s home to let them live with it for a few days before committing to a purchase, but are in-person experiences like these still necessary or are there other ways to visualise the art you want to live with in your space? Briony Downes writes.

Artist Profile: Greg Mallyon

In a world where most have their feet squarely on the ground, Greg Mallyon chooses to soar with the birds and share the layered world they see from above. Nabila Chemaissem writes.

Issue #35 2023

In Series: Typan Jolly

Digital Dance By marrying contemporary and traditional Aboriginal dance, Worimi descendent Typan Jolly seeks to connect Indigenous people to their ancient customs and ancestors.

Project sheet: A story unfolds

In the home of artist Angela Tiatia, art and architecture are part and parcel of an evolving vision. Adriana Borsey writes.

In conversation with: Regan Balzer

Thinking about art as vessels for culture and knowledge is what informs New Zealand artist Regan Balzer’s practice and the tales she captures.

In conversation with: Louise Feneley

Little in life is certain, but for Louise Feneley art had always been a guarantee: light-filled, ethereal, and brimming with endless possibility.

Studio visit: Sara Prince

After taking a hiatus to raise her family, Sara Prince has returned to her practice of weaving. In her work, Prince hopes to alter the perception of hand weaving to something contemporary. Drawing inspiration from gum tree bark and patterns created by the scribbly gum moth, she combines natural materials such as linen, Japanese paper yarn, horsehair and leather with manmade materials.

Artist Profile: Zion Levy Stewart

Zion Levy Stewart portrays the world with his colourful, inimitable work, celebrating the people and natural surroundings of his Northern Rivers home. Pilar Mitchell writes.

In Series: Russell “MOW” Murchie

New Works From Mornington, Victoria, Russell “MOW” Murchie illustrates 1960s and 70s biker and counter culture with warm vibrance and high contrast

In Series: Tilly Riches

An Ode to the State of Presence These works by Tilly Riches give praise to the act of being present, revealing the ebb and flow of each day and the inevitable adjustment to new ways of being.

Artist Profile: Andy Leleisi’uao

The son of Samoan immigrants, Aotearoa-born artist Andy Leleisi’uao weaves expressions of hope into alternate  universes to tell tales of diasporic identity. Lucinda Bennett writes.

Last Word: The art of gaming

A bridge between genres, video games are an amalgamated artform that open up new possibilities for the appreciation of art in a new dimension. Nabila Chemaissem writes.

Art Mood: Ashley Marshman

Istanbul-based interior architect and designer Rana Güneş celebrates these artworks in enviable 3D rendered settings.

Project sheet: The intrigue of tension

The art and objects in this space deliberately don’t match. Rather they stage a dinner party of sorts in which the participants are in lively conversation. Penny Craswell writes.

Art Mood: Schira Withers

Istanbul-based interior architect and designer Rana Güneş celebrates these artworks in enviable 3D rendered settings.

Living with Art: Singing the Tale of Home

With hues of gold, textures of burl wood and an art collection that sings of life’s little moments, the Hampstead apartment of Tatjana von Stein and Gayle Noonan – partners in life and work – hums with the glow of a cherished home. Rose of Sharon Leake writes.

In Series: Laini Eckardt

Ophelia in the Bath Celebrating the beauty of nature and the feminine form, Laini Eckardt’s work gives colour to the complexities alive in all of us.

Issue #34 2023

In Series: Graham Voller

Interested in the character of direct brushwork and monochromatic colour ranges, Graham Voller represents the transformative processes of renewal and growth in his latest series.

Designers Brief: Vanessa Maver

Julia Green, founder and director of Geelong-based Greenhouse Interiors creates bespoke looks for these five works of art. Scan the QR codes to see these looks come to life.

In Series: Pamela Jones

Tasmanian artist Pamela Jones captures the dynamic interactions between the ocean and land, which she skilfully translates to a two dimensional surface for her latest series.

Artist Profile: Amica Aindow

Ditching the paint brush, Amica Aindow uses alcohol, saffron and coffee to make rivers of colour on canvas. Nabila Chemaissem writes.

Designers Brief: Marianne Urth

Julia Green, founder and director of Geelong-based Greenhouse Interiors creates bespoke looks for these five works of art.

In Conversation With: Erin Graham

Emerging artist Erin Graham finds joy in experimenting with different mediums and textures to capture a uniquely Australian mood.

Studio Visit: Ash Holmes

Ash Holmes is a Sydney-based artist who draws on colour psychology and her environment, Guringai Land, for an everevolving source of inspiration in her abstract paintings. Often working large-scale canvases with acrylic paint, her gestural mark-making draws on the simplicity of nature.

Art Mood: Bridie O’Brien

Meet Istanbul-based interior architect, furniture and object designer and architectural visualizer Rana Güneş – this issue’s guest Art Mood designer and renderer.

In Conversation With: Greg Oakley

Digitally-compiling images of birds, Greg Oakley explores the space between the hyper-realism of 21st century digital photography and the idealism of 16th century still life paintings.

In Series: The Space Cowboy

The Space Cowboy uses vibrant colours and lines drawn with force to create a world where everything is possible. Wild cats, humans and griffins from classical mythology all intermingle.

In Series: Audrey Kearns

Audrey Kearns’ latest series is a study of our external surroundings and the beauty of everyday objects we overlook in our daily lives.

In Series: Dr Farvardin Daliri

Iranian-Australian artist Dr Farvardin Daliri aims to give viewers a deeper understanding of consciousness, to inspire them to look at the world with inquisitiveness, if only for a moment.

Project Sheet: For the love of pink

A careful selection of artworks, some ingenious custom furniture and a client with a love of pink have come together in this major redesign. Penny Craswell writes.

Artist Profile: Noel Hart

Blowing life into glass, Noel Hart transforms material into worlds of natural wonder. Aarushi Zarthoshtimanesh writes.

issue #33 2022

In Series: Jonathan Hayward

With a sense of humour and an interest in Pop art, Jonathan Hayward takes classical icons and transplants them into the 21st century, complete with social media and pop culture references.

Studio Visit: Allison Rohland

Allison Rohland’s work represents the integration and celebration of the fragmented parts of ourselves. Since 2014, she’s instructed artists with intellectual disabilities and Autism, and been honing her own craft. Her body of work consists of emotive abstracts using bold texture and color through mixed media.

Designers Brief: Leonie McIntosh

Auckland-based interior designer Natalie Parke of Dessien Parke interior design studio creates bespoke looks for these five works of art. Scan the QR codes to see these looks come to life.

Studio Visit: Liselle Powell

Perth/Boorloo-based painter Liselle Powell paints landscapes in acrylic, oil sticks and pastel to hold onto memories of place. Powell has studied a Bachelors in Visual Arts and Design; a Bachelors in Linguistics; Makeup; and Graphic design. In 2022 she won the national ArttoArt Unearthed Art prize in Melbourne.

Designers Brief: Jane Millington

Auckland-based interior designer Natalie Parke of Dessien Parke interior design studio creates bespoke looks for these five works of art. Scan the QR codes to see these looks come to life.

Designers Brief: Cherie Harte

Auckland-based interior designer Natalie Parke of Dessien Parke interior design studio creates bespoke looks for these five works of art. Scan the QR codes to see these looks come to life.

Objecthood: Special Studio

With grand plans, New Zealand design house Special Studio is changing the way we view and use plastic. Rose of Sharon Leake interviews its founder and designer Matt Watkins.

Art Mood: Tracey Clark

Meet Melbourne-based interior designer, stylist and trend forecaster Bree Leech – this issue’s guest Art Mood designer.

Artist Profile: Alan Todd

For five decades, Alan Todd has expressed through many mediums what words cannot. Erin Irwin writes.

Special Feature: Banding Together

Not all art hangs on your walls. In this special feature, Dee Jefferson interviews musician Alex the Astronaut and artist Giulia Giannini McGauran about their shared creative vision and the resurgence of vinyl cover art as a collectible.

Designers Brief: Fiona Gavino

Auckland-based interior designer Natalie Parke of Dessien Parke interior design studio creates bespoke looks for these five works of art. Scan the QR codes to see these looks come to life.

Studio Visit: Nathan Feldman

Geelong/Djilang-based artist Nathan Feldman has been a practicing artist for the past 30 years. He has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Monash University and studied at The Geelong Fine Art School. Feldman paints snapshots of his memory. urban and natural landscapes merge together with a sense of nostalgia and melancholy. Themes of love, loss, grief, suffering and joy are explored where the natural world serves as metaphor.

Project Sheet: Market to Market

Transforming a worker’s boarding house into a home filled with art and poetry was no easy feat for Melbourne designer Brahman Perera. Penny Craswell write

In Series: Ian Burgess

On a continuing quest for luminance, movement and energy, UK-born, Lake Macquarie-based artist Ian Burgess celebrates the landscape in all its forms.

In Series: Jacob Jon

Taking his cues from his heritage and nature, Jacob Jon’s latest series is an exploration of individuality and an invitation to connect with what flows in moments of stillness.

Art Mood: Dwayne Hutton

Meet Melbourne-based interior designer, stylist and trend forecaster Bree Leech – this issue’s guest Art Mood designer.

Buyers Guide: Talk the Talk

So, you want to have a conversation with an artist but are unsure of what to say? Just ask questions. Briony Downes takes us through it.

Art Mood: Bree Leech

Meet Melbourne-based interior designer, stylist and trend forecaster Bree Leech – this issue’s guest Art Mood designer.

Artist Profile: Jane du Rand

From vast mosaic murals to dainty sculptures of glittering fauna, Jane du Rand’s distinct artworks defy scale to master their medium. Pranika Nayyar writes.

issue #32 2022

Artist Profile:Kumanjayi Tjapaltjarri

The works of the late Kumanjayi Tjapaltjarri – Pintupi elder and renowned Papunya Tula artist – commonly portray events from the Tingari Cycle, a deeply sacred ceremonial men’s narrative. Andrew Nicholls writes.

Last Word: Amy Yip

Our editor catches up with New York-based cake sensation Amy Yip on the art of baking a masterpiece.

Studio Visit: Trish Crampton

Sydney/eora-based Trish Crampton completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Printmaking at Sydney College of the Arts and a Diploma in Visual Arts Education. Her still lifes hero colour, shape and tone, with an intention to bring calmness to their audience.

Art Mood: George Tjungurrayi

Gemma Chapman, a New Zealand-based interior designer, and Lanre Alao, a Nigeria-based 3D artist talk about how they created awe-inspiring interior spaces.

In Series: Charlie Nanos

A love letter to Melbourne, Charlie Nanos’ work depicts the city and its surrounds with vibrancy. By altering perspectives and flattening his depth of field, Nanos reimagines the urban landscape

Expert Eye: Art and Wallpaper

Maximalism is making a serious come back. But how do you ensure patterned walls don’t overpower your art? New Zealand-based interior designer Evie Kemp talks us through the process.

In Series: Val Enger

Inspired by her encounters with the tumultuous nature of the New Zealand landscape, Val Enger creates compositions of rhythm, colour and emotion.

Project Sheet: Sleeping Giant

A study in texture and light, the Casper’s House project by New Zealand design studio Dessein Parke gives new meaning to a house with a view. Maddy Matheson writes. 

Destination Art: The Buzz

Each year in August, Darwin comes to life with the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. After a two-year hiatus, the 2022 edition promises to be big. Louise Martin-Chew writes.

Art Mood: Skye LaRocca

Gemma Chapman, a New Zealand-based interior designer, and Lanre Alao, a Nigeria-based 3D artist talk about how they created awe-inspiring interior spaces.

Studio Visit: Kim Mintz

Perth/Boorloo-based artist Kim Mintz uses oil paints to blur, layer and duplicate her subjects. Through her work she seeks to capture and reflect the constant re-authoring of self within our Internet-obsessed times.

Living with Art: A Fairy-tale Twist

In the Munich home of Kristina (Mia) Maria Martin, art, design and history combine with a fairy-tale ending. And the best part? It’s round. Rose of Sharon Leake writes.

Buyer’s Guide: Art For All

Murals do more than decorate a wall. They invigorate communities, celebrate the importance of place and identify a street. So how can you go about commissioning your own? Briony Downes finds out.

In Series: Jan Oram

New Zealand-based, self taught artist Jan Oram brings the personalities of animals to life, combining fashion and culture with whimsy and cheek.

In Series: Tracey Clark

In her latest series, Wairarapa-based artist Tracey Clark aims to bring together the beauty of nature, the elegance of dance and the sweet sound of music.

In Series: Brigid Hill

Brigid Hill uniquely captures the Australian landscape, taking her cues from the historic 9 by 5 Impression Exhibition in 1889 led by Australian Impressionist artists.

Artist Profile: Mark Merrikin

Transcending the everyday, the works of Mark Merrikin are considered and quirky vignettes of suburban life. Pilar Mitchell writes. 


Erin Irwin takes a closer look at these outstanding works.

issue #31 2022

Project Sheet: No Regrets

In this home, Sydney design studio Arent&Pyke brings the past and present together with a sense of equilibrium, all the while heroing an impressive art collection. Erin Irwin writes.

Art Mood: Meg Gallagher

Alexandra Carter from Perth-based design studio Harlow + Willow heroes the art in these achievable settings.

Studio Visit: Voight Ratara

Voight Ratara is a Western Aranda artist based in Ntaria who joined the Hermannsburg Potters in 2021. In his first year of working with clay and underglazes Ratara has quickly become an exciting emerging artist and one to watch. Ratara paints with bold colours and contrasting line work, telling stories of his Country and culture.

Artist Profile: Ebony Russell

Informed by historical depictions of femininity and the ornament, ceramicist Ebony Russell questions the role of gender. Briony Downes writes.

In Series: Sioux Tempestt

Carefully balancing creation and chaos, Sioux Tempestt’s new process-driven series blurs the boundaries between the digital realm and actuality.

Gallery Panel: Byne

Art Edit’s curatorial experts take a closer look at these five artists’ work.

Artist Profile: Sophie Gralton

Preserving the innocence of youth has captivated Sophie Gralton for twenty seven years, and she’s only just getting started. Charli Rose Gerry writes.

Expert Eye: The Poetry of Space

Juliette Arent from Sydney interior design studio Arent&Pyke and Miriam Fanning from Melbourne design practice Mim Design share their tips on how to make an interior sing, and the role that art can play in the process. Penny Craswell writes.

Art Mood: Davide Uliana

Alexandra Carter from Perth-based design studio Harlow + Willow heroes the art in these achievable settings.

In Series: Sue Syme

In New Zealand-based artist Sue Syme’s latest series, our deepest fears and worries are portrayed with a splash of optimism in surreal figure-filled landscapes.

Studio Visit: Ren Whaleboat

Ren Whaleboat works on Awabakal Country with creative roots descending from North Queensland and the Torres Strait Islands. She creates in her signature line work through both traditional and digital mediums, drawing from the beauty of all diverse hair, skin and facial features that celebrate and empower the individuality of what the BIPOC representation upholds.

Project Sheet: Between Time

The art collection residing in this home acts as a bridge between time and distant places. Pilar Mitchell talks us through its expert curation within the contemporary redesign of a Federation home.

Studio Visit: Oliver Cain

In the work of Tāmaki Makaurau-based artist Oliver Cain there is a universal profundity at play. His latest series references the human figure and gently probes at confronting and challenging issues surrounding sexuality, gender and identity.

In Series: Tom Phillips

In a series speaking to urban alienation, vulnerability and fragility, Tom Phillips focuses on disadvantaged individuals who are often powerless within our communities.