Ones to Watch: Tracey Jones

Outstanding artists to have on your radar right now. Charlotte Middleton writes.

Emerging artist Tracey Jones uses the medium of oil paint to create minimalist and understated paintings. Free of intentional narrative, her works strive instead to transmit a feeling and to force a slowed-down viewer experience. Particularly striking is her skill with dimension, emulating the folds of materials like drapery and paper with a lifelikeness that defies her 2D medium.

Jones completed a Bachelor of Fine Art degree at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2022, followed by an honours degree this year. With her practice quickly gaining recognition, the artist was a finalist in The Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2023 and was recently named Overall Winner in Sketch Co Gallery’s 40 Under 40 Art Prize. This year also saw her awarded a residency through the Regional Artist Development Residency Program at the Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery, where she presented a solo exhibition.

Above: Tracey Jones, Folds in folds over folds, 2023. Oil painting on linen, 152 x 137cm. Courtesy: the artist.

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