Gallery Panel: Nathan Dawson

Art Edit’s commerical gallery experts take a closer look at these five artists’ work.

Libby Knott: ‘I would love to have a conversation with the subject of this work. It’s her scowl and laconic gaze, that slurry and indifferent pose that almost assaults us. This character is impossible to ignore thanks to her two sets of glaring eyes, and although I need to look away from her because it messes with my vision I keep staring straight back at her and ask her questions. Who are you? What is your name? What do your tattoos mean, and what’s your life plan? The scale of this work makes her one imposing individual who I can only imagine would have a number of menacing stories to tell. But perhaps she is softer than I imagine? I will never know!’ ‘The exploration of a new medium offers artist Nathan Dawson the ability to meld his interest in two-dimensional space with the layering of shape and colour. Elements of Graffiti, Surrealism, and the use of text combine to create a striking effect. The directness of the composition is unnerving, but it invites us to take another look, to question our discomfort and engage with the scene depicted.’

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