Gallery Panel: Jennifer Wright

Art Edit’s commerical gallery experts take a closer look at these five artists’ work.

‘There is much to love about this collection of paintings by Jennifer Wright, and it would be almost impossible to single out one as a favourite if you had to. While I can’t imagine tigers actually dancing with big red balls, these works evoke an instant sense of playfulness and mischief that is curiously refreshing and buoyant which is only made possible because Jennifer has cleverly placed these fierce and dangerous animals in a surreal and dreamlike pop-colour landscape in a miniature scale.’ ‘Wright’s playful adaption of Salvador Dali’s iconic work, Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening continues the artist’s experimentation with colour, form, and exploration of dreamscapes. Heavily influenced by the Surrealist movement, Wright draws on objects to impart meaning, with compositions intentionally blurred to add to the dreamlike quality of the series. Imaginative, playful, and slightly quirky, Wright’s A Dream of a Dance of Tigers is an interesting exploration of the power of dreams.

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Gallery Panel: Cynthia Howard

The work: Cynthia Howard, This Too Shall Pass, 2022. Oil on panel, 60cm diameter. Cynthia Howard’s This Too Shall Pass is a whimsical exploration of the relationship between our internal psyche and the physical human experience. As the realistically painted figure tumbles in cyclecar continuum, her metaphysical self responds to the tribulations of the world […]