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Summer 2018

The Other Art Fair Sydney Preview

We preview the work of 13 artists we’re most excited to see at the fair this March:

Robert Ewing | Nazanin Marashian | Gordon Monro | Claire Cavanna | Trena Lowe | Janice Liley | Jac Font | Amica Whincop | Belinda Wilson | Amanda Fuller | Lara Scolari | Joanna Gambotto | Yvette Ten-Bohmer

Love it

Artists to watch
We present the work of 13 artists you should keep an eye on:

John Lacey | Beth Gibbeson | Johnny Kovacevic | Trena Lowe | Jennifer Webb | Gordon Monro | Naida Ginnane | Veronica Andrus-Blaskievics | Clinton Gorst | Mira Krulic | Kari Bienert | Nicole Grimm-Hewitt | Cherry Demir
What’s on
Exhibition highlights from across the country.

Artist profiles
Colour intuition
Sammy Preston talks to Robert Doble about his artistic journey and how he gets his colours to “pop into place”.
A vibrant affair
For Margot Nattrass flowers are her muse and colour her passion. Emily Cones-Browne writes.
Landscape totems
Briony Downes speaks to painter Penelope Oates about the influence nature has on her art making practice.

Petals in pieces
Emily Cones-Browne speaks to botanical alchemist Anna Thomas about her transformative and delicate practice.
Facing the paint
Emily Cones-Browne talks to Mark Tippett about his subjects and the importance of daily creativity.
Moulding play
Emily Cones-Browne speaks to ceramicist Fleur Schell about the role her children’s imaginations play in her art making.

Colour buzz
Briony Downes traces the energetic line work of Joan Blond‘s paintings.

Katie Milton takes a closer look at standout works by:

Allan Bruce | Kim Staples| Tomboy Bill | Matthew Broughton | Lyndel Thomas | Betty Collier |Michelle Bagby | Stewart Spectrum | Jennifer Fletcher | Helen Cannon | Ben Rak | Sophie Evangelidis | Kaye Johnston | Jennifer Harris | Rebecca Jane Marshall | Janice Liley | Rosie Herberte | Alison Percy | Ann Rayment | Cate Bond | Lisa Sewards | Jac Font | Judy Jelsma

Ask the artist
Katie Milton talks to seven Australian makers about their practice and where they find inspiration.

Erin Jago | Marie Larraine Weir | Adriana Maruzzi | Lynne Mak | Saren Dobkins | Jonathan Wyl Gemmell | Feyona Van Stom

Buy it

Buyer’s guide: Ceramics
Camilla Wagstaff gathers tips from the experts on how to start collecting ceramics.
Pieces de resistance
We present a selection of original artworks available for purchase by:
Corinne Barton | Serana Hunt Hughes | Michele Rudder | Kyarna

Destination Art
Two standout galleries you should visit  

Art Edit presents a selection of original artworks available for purchase by:

William Holt | Sally West | Trish King Hitz | Erika Beck | Sharon Monagle | Tricia Trinder | Daniel Butterworth | Mandy Gunn | Suzie Riley | Paul Williams | Caroline Collom | Claire McCall | Lucia Mocnay | Jennifer Baird | Tanya Wales

Best of ceramics
Art Edit presents a diverse group of ceramicists whose practice is united in its fine craftsmanship. Emma O’Neill writes:

Ted Secombe | Fleur Schell | Timothy White | Janet Fieldhouse
Our publisher Kerrie Lena went on the hunt for affordable gift ideas for art lovers

Hang it

Modern oasis
This city sanctuary by SJB fuses art and the outdoors. Sammy Preston takes it in.

Pink punch

Lucy Bock Design Studio uses splashes of pink to invigorate the interior of this elegant and modern Edwardian home, writes Rebecca Gross.

Gallery panel

Our panel of art gallerists take a closer look at the artwork of:
Donna Louise Fletcher | Lesley Shelley | Rhonda Campbell | Glenys Buzza

Living with art

Marbled visions

As the director of a contemporary art loaning company Nicole Poustie is an avid art buyer. Camilla Wagstaff looks inside her home, recently refurbished by Melbourne Design Studio Meme.

Design council

Our design experts share their tips on hanging and styling artwork by:
Sarah McDonald | Barbara Fitzpatrick | Heidi Savage | McLean Edwards

Art mood

Matilda Carr casts her design eye over five centrepiece paintings and shows us what to buy to make them pop.

Jude Hotchkiss | Martina Roos | David K Wiggs | Michael Yates | Tracy Dods

Wish you were here

Art Edit‘s quarterly exhibition wrap with snapshots from openings and artist studios across Australia.

Last word

Katie Milton caught up with Lucy Feagins, stylist, set dresser, and founder of interiors blog, The Design Files.

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