The Other Art Fair Melbourne Preview

The Other Art Fair Melbourne Preview

The Other Art Fair returns to Melbourne in August. We ask fair director Zoe Paulsen what we can expect and speak to some of the artists we're excited to see.
James Cooper, King Tide II. Synthetic polymer paint on wooden board, 51 x 41cm.

Ones to Watch: James Cooper

Artist James Cooper takes his cues – textures and dimensions, rifts and whorls – from the oceanic environment.
Sharen-Lee McLachlan, KITSUNE. Ink airbrushed on canvas, 120 x 100 x 2cm.

Ones to Watch: Sharen-Lee McLachlan

Artist Sharen-Lee McLachlan stretches the medium of airbrush painting beyond what you’d consider possible.
Teresa Franks, JOURNEY TO CRADLE MOUNTAIN. Ink airbrushed on canvas, 120 x 90 x 5cm.

Ones to Watch: Teresa Franks

Airbrush artist Teresa Franks is renowned for her messages of empowerment, conveyed through surrealist works on disparate mediums.
Christophe Domergue, Post Industrial Peeling Mastercut #1, 90 x 90cm.

Ones to Watch: Christophe Domergue

In his series Post-Industrial Peelings, artist Christophe Domergue records the intricate particulars of an abandoned industrial site in Sydney’s Inner West.
Luke Wagner, View from my window, Tasman Island, 2018. Oil & wax on linen, 77 x 122cm.

Ones to Watch: Luke Wagner

In Luke Wagner’s most recent series, three decades of painting experience cumulate in a collection of landscapes inspired by Tasman Island.
Laura White, Nana’s Crystal. Oil on canvas, 61 x 61cm.

Ones to Watch: Laura White

Laura White is an Australian artist known for her realist still life portraits and nature-inspired oil paintings.
Kay Kane, Virtue and Power. Oil on linen, 97 x 62cm.
Damian Seagar, Ivanhoe, New South Wales. FujiChrome 100 35mm film, 39 x 57cm.
Sarah McDonald, Looking Back. Oil on canvas, 120 x 100cm.
Michelle Webb, Butterfly,Digital painting sublimated onto Aluminium, 104 x 145cm.
Kate Bender
Lara Scolari in her studio

Buyer's Guide: Navigating Commissions

When it comes to commissioning original artworks, communication is key. Briony Downes talks us through the process.
Artwork by Adele Naidoo, styling by Julia Green

Expert Eye: Fields of Colour

Stylist Julia Green shares her expert tips for turning your living room into an enticing art jungle.


Gina Fishman, Bondi Fast Lanes. Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 115cm.
Shelly Anfield, I Dreamt Of You. Oil on canvas, 120 x 90cm.
Cherry Demir, Prismatic Stag. Oil on timber panel, 91 x 61cm.
Grace Louise, Bewilderment. Acrylic, ink, paint pen and resin on timber, 90 x 120cm.
Mark Paulin, way to grail. Mackay red cedar, Huon pine burl and black gidgee, 108 x 51cm.
Tania Malkin, Intrinsic. Photograph on fine art paper, 70 x 70cm.
Christine Earthrowl-Fox, Wise Old Pine (Pinus pinea) – City Park, Launceston. Watercolour on matt board, 89 x 55cm.
Zetta Kanta, High Country Sunrise. Wool, silk, black bamboo and raw fleece, 173 X 380cm.
Tracy Dods, Beach walk, 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 137cm.
Jeska Valk, Oil Slick. Oil on wood, 100 x 131cm.
Kathryn Lewis, Yellow-Tailed Cockatoo. Carbon and pencil on 200gsm Bristol smooth paper, 72 x 52cm.
Gill Pedrana, RIVER GUM. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 76 x 100cm.
David Wiggs, Manly ferry passing Dobroyd – Plein air. Oil on canvas, 100 x 150cm.

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