Buyer’s Guide

Explore art buying topics, from collecting controversial art to the art of buying quality over quantity.

Buyer’s Guide: Quality vs Quantity

Mass-produced, batch-produced, artist-made – what do these phrases mean when buying a functional object?

Buyer’s Guide: Up for the Challenge

Speaking about conceptual art in 1967, American artist and writer Sol LeWitt said, “The idea itself, even if it is not made visual, is as much of a work of art as any finished product.” LeWitt’s statement poses a tricky question – how do you buy an idea?

Buyer’s Guide: Your Art Collection – Theming and Refining

Briony Downes unpacks the basics of finding and cultivating a theme in your art collection.

Buyer’s Guide: Your art collection & The big decisions

The best way to support artists is to buy their work! But knowing how and where to begin can seem daunting. Rose of Sharon Leake takes out some of the guess work.