Gallery Panel: Angeline Bartholomeusz

Art Edit’s curatorial experts offer their take on Angeline Bartholomeusz’s works.

The work: Angeline Bartholomeusz, Beyond, 2021. Acrylic painting, 76 x 61cm. Courtesy: the artist.

Beyond by Angeline Bartholomeusz contains a gentle, rhythmic approach. The story speaks to me, like an ongoing timeline into perpetuity. The need for the timelessness of our environment to continue and not be interrupted is portrayed via the composition, slightly hidden and continuing off the canvas. Overall, a clever horizon line placed at the rear makes the space appear much larger than the size of the canvas, inferring ongoing distance.

Anna Curnuck, Gallery Director, SIBU Gallery, Sydney

Being a nature lover and having spent some time in some red and dusty parts of Australia (think Coober Pedy), this work immediately spoke to me of Australia’s landscape. There is a firey element here that cannot be ignored. Bartholomeusz has managed to capture the very essence of this land we inhabit – its harshness and hotness. It’s a strong and commanding work.

Libby Knott, Senior Manager Partner and Clients, Art Money AU/NZ

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