Gallery Panel: Samira KhadiviZand

Art Edit’s commerical gallery experts take a closer look at these five artists’ work.

‘It’s not often I see a work where I can actually picture myself as a character moving around in it, but when I continue to look at Attempt to concentrate I keep expecting that I will slide out from the staircase, as if I am descending the steps having walked around the various divisions in the architectural interior. It’s quite an odd sensation, and a testament to its success as a painting. There is a wonderful balance in this work which adds to its intrigue — the feeling of solitude and hard work paired with the beautiful coupling of two figures in the lower right corner that are in direct opposition to a beautiful clear sky — so much optimism here with tree branches outstretched and growing.’

‘The exploration of space, both physical and emotional, is central to Samira KhadiviZand’s work, Attempt to concentrate. Combining Surrealist elements with Abstract motifs, KhadiviZand creates a physical separation between the figures depicted. Points of interest abound in this composition. We are invited to explore every inch of the painting, diving down staircases, investigating corridors and pausing to observe the central characters. Beautifully rendered, this work forces the viewer to linger for a moment to appreciate its simple duality.’

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