Featured Artist Page: Janno Mclaughlin

Featured artist page for Janno Mclaughlin.


  • Designers Brief: Janno Mclaughlin

    Julia Green, founder and director of Geelong-based Greenhouse Interiors creates bespoke looks for these five works of art. Scan the QR codes to see these looks come to life.

  • Art Mood: Janno Mclaughlin

    Interior designer Evie Kemp creates looks for three artworks with sophistication, balance and mood.

  • Artist Profile: Janno Mclaughlin

    Through her all-encompassing and playful artistic practice, Janno Mclaughlin shows us a lighter and more joyful version of life. Maddy Matheson writes.

  • Studio Visit: Janno McLaughlin

    The Art Edit team takes a look inside the studio.

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