Tracie Eaton: The Power of Colour


The work of Tracie Eaton demands attention. The colours, vibrant and piercing, are just half of the story behind the power of her practice, which seeks to tap into our subconscious response to colour.

Working as an occupational therapist in her 20s, Tracie recognised the importance and power of colour in rearing emotion and healing subconscious trauma. Today, more than 13 years on, the vibrancy and dynastism of this Gold Coast-based artist filters through each work she completes, and her colour palette is only diversifying. “I became so passionate about the impact that colour and the creative process of painting has on us,” she tells. “My experiences with using art and colour as therapy during my time as an OT [occupational therapist] absolutely shaped how I see and use colour, and most definitely the style with which I paint.” Tracie attributes the spontaneity of her work to being a self-taught artist. She notes that without the limitations of rigorous training, pre-conceived ideas or rules around how to use colour, technique or materials, she has been free to discover her own path.

In her studio Tracie works methodically, often starting at 3am and jumping between paintings as layers of resin, fluid acrylic, alcohol inks and glitters are left to dry. “I particularly love painting to jazz, indie rock, alternative…and even a bit of 80s thrown in there for good measure,” she says. “My studio is always alive with energy.”

Tracie’s art is predominantly made for an interior design context as she responds to a clients brief, yet even working via commission Tracie is faced with a plethora of interesting projects. “One of my recent projects is creating an original artwork that will be printed onto commercial wallpaper and installed on a wall around a fish tank,” she tells. She’s inspired by nature – the colour of the sky or the shape of a cloud – but the stories of her clients are where she finds true meaning for her work. Tracie sees herself as a conduit to bringing her client’s vision to reality, fusing their energy with her own through paint. For her public commissioned works, Tracie goes big. Her expansive works create space for all viewers to engage. “Art reflects our moments, our joy, our sadness, the world and culture we live in,” Tracie says. “The reason I paint is to help people to connect.”

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