Showcase: Andy Harwood

Andy Harwood, Reverberation. Synthetic polymer on canvas, 111.8cm x 101.6cm. COURTESY: THE ARTIST

Andy Hardwood’s Reverberation is a visual representation of that feeling you get when your mind is ruminating on a particular thought so intensely it feels as if your brain is vibrating repetitively. It comes as no surprise that this Brisbane-based artist gets much of his artistic inspiration from extensive critical thought. From meditation to overthinking,

Andy’s brain has a naturally high voltage. Created through a series of semi-transparent background layers constructed from countless miniature brushstrokes of acrylic paint applied in opposing directions, the painting creates an illusion of tremor and vibration as the eye attempts to focus on a singular point but cannot. The mathematically derived geometric forms Andy creates investigate the relationship between form and structure and often gives an overriding sense of balance and proportion. Andy’s intricate paintings conceptualise the human brain in flux, at once in a state of meditation and frenzy.

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