Q+A: Ann Rayment


Your works focus primarily on landscapes. What is it about these that inspire you?

The diversity of the Australian landscape constantly influences my work. The bright sunlight, strong shadows and earthy colours are a constant inspiration to me. I find that the eucalypts are ever-present in my work, with their long human-like limbs and textured bark. As are the imposing shapes of the rocks on grassy hills, scratchy scribbly twigs amongst the forest floor, the movement of the ocean and the vastness of the horizons.

What is your process when it comes to creating your artworks?

To create my works I use a combination of many different mediums, including pastels, ink, charcoal, acrylic paint and printed papers. I start off with a collage of printed papers and layer different mediums over the top. I use all these mediums together as I love to see what happens. Unpredictable things often occur, creating new techniques and exciting results.

How would you describe your studio?

My studio is messy but it’s a great creative space. I am surrounded by a number of rustic, vintage pieces such as toys, pots, jugs and dried flowers for inspiration. I also have a few old benches and tables from the shearing shed that are very useful, creating spaces for working on several canvases at once.

How often do you try to paint?

I paint every day unless I am out of town. If I’m ever away I always take a bag of art supplies so I can sketch or paint.

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