Q + A: Sonia Payes


How would you describe your practice?

Photography is the basis for my exploration of life’s adaptability within an ever-changing environment, although my practice engages with a range of media. The embodiment of flux in my work results in a futuristic aesthetic. I often think: Where is the human race headed?

What themes can be found in your work?

Life and the environment. I usually explore these themes through opposing thoughts of elements, such as fire and ice or destruction and regeneration. I am a positive person and I like to place a positive slant on my work, showing our strengths as humans.

What is your studio like?

I work out of an old-world Victorian blue stone building which is cavernous and brooding, possibly haunted and mostly freezing, until the heaters kick in! It has taken some getting used to but it’s now the ideal space for my creative world. I thrive working on a messy desktop. My desk and working spaces are always in creative chaos. If it’s too tidy then I can’t find anything!

What are your favourite materials?

I like to experiment. With Time Warp (2016) I adopted lenticular print technology to intensify the image’s appearance of fluid transformation. My early sculptures were made with fiberglass, but I’ve recently fallen in love with the bronze process. The material feels more present – heavy and durable – yet somehow, easier to manipulate.

What have you been working on recently?

I’m currently working on a new exhibition, of which part will be exhibited at Sydney Contemporary 2019 with Scott Livesey Galleries. The central work is a 2.3-metre indoor sculpture, Woman In Bronze.

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