Q + A: Liam Waldie

Interested in how we interact with the world, Liam Waldie creates dreamlike landscapes.

How would you describe what you do to someone who hasn’t seen your art?

People tell me my paintings appear dreamlike, as if they are a journey to somewhere else. Of late, I’ve been painting landscapes and seascapes, detailed but not realistic.   

Where are you based?

I live and work in a seaside village called Mount Martha, where the water is crisp, the air is fresh, and the surrounding landscape is diverse and ever-changing with the seasons.

Take us inside your studio…

My studio is set in a warehouse alongside a diverse group of artists which allows for great music, long lunches and brutally honest feedback. My studio itself is generally pretty messy. Sketches float around and often drop to the large Persian rug that warms the concrete floor. A central table is set up with my working palette.

What is your process?

I start by creating a vignette of ideas and possible compositions of what the work might be. I keep it loose and free when sketching onto the canvas with charcoal or oil wash. I usually decide on the palette early on and work toward building out the sketch. Several sessions follow of layering colour and mark making until it all feels done. That’s the tricky bit… it can be hard to know when to stop.

What do you aim to achieve through your art?

I am interested in how we experience the world. Art has the capacity to take you away for a moment, to somewhere else, and this is what I aim to provoke.

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Interested in how we interact with the world, Liam Waldie creates dreamlike landscapes.

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