Design Council: Jennifer Harris


Brett Mickan

Brett Mickan Interior Design, Sydney

Suzanne Gorman

Suzanne Gorman

Kathryn Robson

Jennifer Harris, Nigh-night Ninderry. Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 76cm.

Jennifer Harris, Nigh-night Ninderry. Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 76cm.


Brett Mickan Interior Design, Sydney

These beautifully simple, monochromatic forms allow the viewer to imagine their own interpretation of the work. The calmness and level of detail would allow it to hang in almost any interior style. To best ground it, your only consideration would be to balance the strength of the black somewhere else in the room. I would love to see it hang in a warm, neutral sitting room. Beige silk upholstered walls with camel-coloured wool-cashmere Baker Furniture upholstery, all sitting on a plush vintage wool carpet in muted warm tones. Add black metal tables and some clear crystal lamps. The ideal space to relax and gaze into the soft, smoke-like landscape forms.


Studio Gorman Interior Design, Sydney

The whispy, cumulous-like forms create a feeling of floating above clouds at night and evoke a sense of adventure, taunting the mind with the possibilities of a midnight jaunt. What better place for such an evocative piece than in the bedroom of a broody teen who is yearning to discover the world. Best hung on dark walls in a room that is all about dark tones – think charcoal bed linen, black oak furniture and deep indigo denim floor cushions – the only light is the contrasting floating white linen curtains, that when caught by the breeze also beckon one on a journey.


Robson Rak Architecture & Interiors, Melbourne

Jennifer’s detailed, large work would provide a striking visual element to any room. If this hung over my dining table the fascinating forms would provoke many interesting dinner party discussions about depth, detail, and structure! This painting would look stunning in a contemporary home with a monochromatic colour palette. It’s large scale would ensure the painting helped fill a generous, minimal room.

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Jennifer Harris, Nigh-night Ninderry. Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 76cm.

Design Council: Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris’s detailed, large artwork would provide a striking visual element to any room.
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