Best of Murals: Nastia Gladushchenko


Interior designer turned mural artist, Nastia Gladushchenko finds herself mesmerised by the power of art to meaningfully transform the spatial feel of a place. Her mural works are splashed across urban areas of Sydney and Katoomba, speaking to the ever-fragile intersection of humanity and the natural environment. She describes her art as “ethereal, botanical and a little psychedelic”, evoking inspiration from the places, people and plants that surround a site-specific work. Having obsessively painted flowers from a young age, they eventually blossomed into one of her main subject matters. “By painting this universal botanical imagery, I hope to create inclusive and inspiring pieces,” she says. Nastia’s passion for understanding how environments affect one’s body and mind was sparked during her time as an interior architect in Sydney, Rotterdam and Brussels. Since then it has become a beloved art practice of hers – allowing her to change the way people interact with a space by immersing them in a playful yet meditative environment. For her, the way in which her murals dynamically shape a public space and the community surrounding it is a fundamental continuation of the work itself.

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