Best of Murals: Lucky Lucks


It all started with graffiti, a cartoon duck and breakdancing. Now, with mural works adorning public walls in Paris, Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia, Lucky Lucks brings colour, culture and discussion to urban spaces. Working with strands of superstition, fortune, chance and luck as his subject matter, Lucky creates part-animal part-abstract figures which are layered with symbolism and feature, more often than not, a rabbit or hare.

While Lucky says “I generally like my artwork to just co-exist within the environment I paint it”, the big, bright and playful nature of his works tells not of the often drab concrete walls of urban space, but of some fantastical alternate reality.

Lucky’s love of mural works began through his involvement in the graffiti culture of his Brisbane hometown, but since working closely with fellow artist David Bromley, he has transformed a passion for spray paint into a full-time profession. Playfulness and mystique is at the heart of Lucky Luck’s work. His bunnies beg us to follow them down the rabbit hole to find curiosity amidst urban mundanity.

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