Best of Murals: Jasmine Mansbridge


For Victoria-based artist Jasmine Mansbridge, the ritualistic process of painting is an essential part of her art practice. Her works reflect meditative experience through colourful geometric shapes, staircases, and architectural forms inspired by the spaces surrounding her. With nine solo exhibitions, numerous group shows, and commissioned wall art in Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong and Beijing, Jasmine’s paintings offer unique portals that both transcend and illuminate the real world. Her ideas often reveal themselves through the making process, as she measures by eye using geometry and instinct to guide her. Her bold colours and sharp minimalist line transform the myriad of surfaces she works on, whether it be canvas, board, linen or outdoor walls. “I aim for my work to convey a sense of calm,” says Jasmine. “You can get lost in them, and have a moment to reflect in a busy world.” Along with mural paintings, this artist also creates large-scale drawings and installation pieces. At the heart of her practice is the recurring use of metaphors to tell stories, evoke emotions, and connect shared human experiences. She pushes the boundaries of mural art, exploring the limits of time and space through her whimsical sites of pure colour and shape.

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