Best of Minimalism: Gordon Studio Glassblowers


For glass artists Grant Donaldson and Eileen Gordon of Gordon Studio Glassblowers, the process behind their work is no easy task. Working with sand as a raw material, a work starts in an immensely hot furnace. Abiding by technical and strict scientific laws they make beautifully clean, clear molten glass. Applying colour in steps, the glass is slowly built up in layers using a furnace heated to 1,200 degrees Celsius before being hand blown and shaped.

While Norwegian-born Eileen is naturally influenced by Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism, Grant has gradually come to enjoy the many qualities and characteristics of molten glass that lends itself to elegant simplicity. “I am pursuing the great challenge of minimalism. Simplicity is the most complex achievement,” says Grant. The multidimensional nature of glass, from its fluid molten state to its carefully balanced final form, ensures that the process of glassblowing is a continual challenge.

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