Artist Profile: Kirana Haag


My colour story landed in my inbox late last night. Blue, according to German-born artist Kirana Haag, means that I am a calm communicator, and lover of words – and that seems fitting. Kirana offers this free service via her website to help anyone discover their own colour story. She signs off with a phone number, inviting you to learn more about how to harness the colour’s energy in your life.

“I really first fell in love with colour,” says the artist. “I don’t find words easily. Expressing through images and paint instead of having to talk felt like the opening door into a new world of incredible freedom.”

Born into a family of intellectuals, early on Kirana began to use art as a way to find a sense of belonging and connection within herself. Her work, which she likens to a diary of her experience, is a physical and ethereal practice. One which led her to move from Broome to Sydney six years ago to pursue it full time. 

Kirana’s spirited abstract paintings express her effervescent energy. She builds thick layers on the canvas with a palette knife and often her bare hands, and colours crunched linen with bleeding inks. Alive with movement and rhythm, her paintings capture her process, the way she moves through her studio, dancing from one work to the next. “The energy flow is important, to feel space and freedom,” she says. 

A self-confessed clairvoyant and clairsentient, Kirana draws inspiration from emotions, dreams and the feelings evoked by the natural world and the relationships that surround her. She references her artworks as living and evolving, “adding layer after layer over many months allowing them to grow”, all with the end hope that their energy will transform the spaces in which they hang into sanctuaries.

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