Artist Profile: Corinne Barton


THERE IS SOMETHING truly immersive in Corinne Barton’s works. They fire the viewer’s imagination. “I treasured art books as a child,” says Corinne, “Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Da Vinci, I remember the paintings and the stories I read into each of them.” Young Corrine’s response to the artworks of the masters set the foundation for her 30-year career; it is clear that story-telling and capturing moments in time are the artist’s fascination.

At art school in Melbourne in the 1970’s Corrine, not surprisingly, made realism her chosen direction. She jokes that she should have been an abstractionist, as she could have been more prolific! “But no. I’ve always analysed aspects of visual reality. Refractions of light through glass, the effects of light and shade, reflections, mist, skies, water. Capturing moments of pure beauty and perfection gives me great satisfaction.”

Travel has been a boon for Corrine’s practice, not simply because it has offered her an abundance of subject matter but also for the intellectual refresh that new visual stimuli brings an artist. Returning to Australia after a 6-month stay in a small French village Corrine took a boat tour of The Kimberley. With “fresh eyes” she viewed that coastline. “It brought a strength to my painting that had not previously existed. I was blown away,” says the artist.

Corrine has had three major solo exhibitions and participated in countless group shows. She divides her time between working to exhibit and fulfilling commissions, including portraiture. “I enjoy commissions. I love to feel that I’m creating something that will be treasured.”

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