Art Edit takes a closer look at a selection of standout works.

The graphic works of Tina Pitsiavas are bright, loud, and gleefully unapologetic. By using a plump typeface and vivid shades of neon and pastel, Tina creates paintings that appear joyful at first glance, yet quickly convey a gritty message. Essentially patchworks of protest, Tina decodes letters to reveal a declaration that confronts current events and addresses pertinent political issues. In her work A Strong Smart Woman, she expresses her indignation at the widespread mistreatment of women, who, despite the many positive changes that feminism has wrought on society thus far, are often subject to disapprobation when they challenge traditional gender roles. The specific incident that inspired this work was a news piece she came across during the last US elections where a congresswoman was abused on the steps of her workplace, ostensibly for challenging male superiority in the political arena and exhibiting personal characteristics which, though often vaunted in men, are disparaged in women. “It’s my response to the idea that some individuals feel it’s their right to denigrate women in order to elevate their own status,” Tina says. 

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