Showcase: Douglas Schofield


The work: Douglas Schofield, I garden like my Mum, with a dash of whimsy. Acrylic and oil on canvas, 122 x 91cm.

Sydney-based artist Douglas Schofield’s mesmerising works are like etchings on a map. They follow the movements and gestures of the natural world. As a painter and a printmaker, his practice is based on gardens as curated sites of nature, where the lyrical chaos of the environment comes into play with human intervention and intent. His paintings are not necessarily reflections of reality, but impressions of atmospheres and memories that are open to interpretation. “I want people to be able to read from the painting and project onto it their own stories and experiences,” he says. In I garden like my Mum, with a dash of whimsy, soothing purples blend into vibrant drips of pink through a mix of acrylic and oil paint on canvas. There is a softness that is drawn from the origins of the work itself, as a tribute to his mother’s garden and whimsical designs that have inspired Douglas’ own art and gardening practice. Just like his painting process, the result is abstract and free flowing: not a story that follows a strict narrative, but one that is strengthened through instinct and emotion.

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