Q+A: Karol Oakley


Your artworks are strongly influenced by nature. Why is this?

For me, painting is about bringing awareness to the natural world. My artworks depict what is happening here and now, like a visual, historical document. They become visual stories that portray our ever-changing natural world; whether it is through man’s impact on the environment or Mother Nature’s.

What materials do you prefer to use?

I use only the best artist-quality materials in my artworks. It is important to me that I seek ethical, family-made products and sustainable materials, as I want my work to be low impact and viable in the long term.

When did you fall in love with painting?

When I was three years old I ran away to kindergarten. I fell in love with painting that very day. I’ve now been a practicing artist for 30 years. I am largely self-taught in pastels and have had some wonderful tutors throughout the years. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing six-year private atelier experience with the late great Nan Paterson of Maleny, based on still life, oil painting and life.

What have you been working on recently?

With some of my more recent works I have been sketching and painting en plein air. This is a traditional way of gathering information outside and in nature to use later in the studio. I love this method of working.

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