Q + A: Edward Lane


When did you first fall in love with painting?

My interest in painting began as a boy growing up in New York, USA. My parents, who were immigrants from Germany, gifted me my first paint set and regularly took me along to the art galleries in New York. When we moved back to Germany, they took me to many art museums and galleries there. I’ve now been practicing art for about 55 years.

What is the process for creating one of your works?

I’m an abstract painter and my process usually begins by putting down some marks and then standing back, waiting for the next impulse to strike me! I work with acrylics as they dry quickly, allowing me to paint both wet on wet and wet on dry. And lately I have transitioned my works to be on larger canvases as my subjects are somewhat chaotic.

Where do you derive inspiration?

I am inspired by some of the most unlikely sources – a messy drawer, preparing for dinner, who knows! I sometimes allow music to help guide me, but then I also allow pure peace and quiet to help inspiration strike. I achieve great tranquillity and satisfaction through the process of creating something unexpected.

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