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Love it

Heritage Revival
Rebecca Gross takes us on a tour of a restored heritage home designed by Karen Akers.

What’s on
Exhibition highlights from across the country

Reshaping Narratives
Emily Cones-Browne looks at how Grant Maxwell creates objects that speak for themselves

Liquid Landscapes
Helen McKenzie explores how Kate Shaw depicts the world around her

Ones to watch
We present the work of the artists you should keep an eye on

One of a kind
Franko explains his unique practice

Drawn to landscapes
Roz Avent tells Emily Cones-Browne about how the natural world informs her art

Lost in colour
Peta Uthmeyer talks to Emily Cones-Browne about her approach to painting

Plus we sit down for a Q&A with artists Marta Madison, William Holt, Di Bresciani, Wendy McGrath, Catherine FitzGerald


Buy it

Buyer’s guide
We speak to the experts about buying textile art

Destination Art
We introduce you to three new galleries you must visit

Pieces de resistance
Art Edit curates a collection of artwork for you

Best of Seascapes
Our round up of amazing seascapes from talented artists across Australia

Art Edit goes on the hunt for fantastic new art for your home

Wrap me up
Affordable arty gift ideas just for you

Hang it

Bold & Beautiful

Camilla Wagstaff takes us on a tour of Brendan Wong’s striking interiors in a Neo-Georgian home

Get the look
Art Edit gives you tips on how you can recreate Brendan Wong’s style

Life Story
Rebecca Gross looks at how Jane Stark tells stories through her carefully curated interiors

The Gallery Panel
Art Edit’s panel of leading gallerists take a closer look at two established Australian artists


Living with art

Pure Joy
Camilla Wagstaff takes a tour through designer Letitia green’s colour-happy home

Design council
Our design experts share their tips on hanging and styling art

Art mood
Start with the art and create a beautiful home

Hone your art and style skills with these books

Art life
Discover Anna Scheen’s ceramics

Wish you were there
Art Edit celebrates recent exhibitions across the country

Last word
We chat to gallery director Rob Gould of Gould Galleries

Plus get up close and personal with art from Neil Hann, Christa Coetzee, Michelle Endersby, Ben Laycock, Frances Feasey, Jeanette Prout, Midori Furze, Lizzie Dennis, Kate Gorman, Carmen McFaull, Jeff Gant, Kate Kennedy, Anita Parker, Ann Rayment and Sarah Clark

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