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Love it

Laidback Luxury

Camilla Wagstaff takes a tour of a home designed by Doherty Design Studio
Artists to watch

We present the work of 10 artists you should keep an eye on
What’s on

Exhibition highlights from across the country

Rhythm & Repetition

Stephen Baker talks to Jane Llewellyn about his practice
Drawn to the water

Helen McKenzie gets swept away by the intrigue of Martine Emdur’s work
Marking time in paint

Wendy Muir draws her inspiration from the shape, tone and texture of historical texts and language, Camilla Wagstaff writes

The head and the heart

Camilla Wagstaff on how artist and psychiatrist Kieran Forster delves deeper
Scratching the surface

Emily Cones-Browne looks beyond the surface of Ben Rak’s scratch motifs
Piece by Piece

Bev Plowman chats to Emily Cones-Browne about her artistic career and expertise in mosaics.

Art outside of the classroom

Betty Collier talks to Camilla Wagstaff about her life in art, from her career as an art teacher to her own practice.

Colour Sensations

Transfixed by colour and pattern, artist Kari Bienert paints the vibrant world around her.
Art at waters edge

Seascape artist Abramo Papp talks to Damien Parker about his practice and raising awareness about waterways.
From outback to interiors

Emily Cones-Browne profiles a fabric designer who has transcended the traditions of her trade.
Creative expressions

A therapist and painter, Kathleen Rhee’s vivid colour abstracts are testamaent to the healing power of art.

Flourishing Florals

Using paint, Janne Hollingsworth translates her fascination with native flowers onto canvas, Camilla Wagstaff writes.
Flower Power

Jenny Fusca is floral artist whose passion for the natural world compels her to create.

Plus we sit down for a Q&A with artists Sandra Cipriotti and Jacki Fewtrell Gobert

Buy it

Buyer’s guide

What to consider when buying works on paper    

Printmakers we love
Pieces de resistance
We present exceptional works from around Australia
Best of botanical art

Four artists portray flora and fauna in striking ways

Art Edit goes on the hunt for fantastic new art for your home
Destination Art

Three stand-out galleries you should visit
Wrap me up

Our publisher Kerrie Lena went on the hunt for affordable gift ideas for art lovers

Hang it

Colour Injection
Vibrant artworks provide an explosion of colour and expression in an otherwise black and white palette. Rebecca Gross writes.

Loft living

New York’s loft apartments inspired this suburban Sydney home and its curated mixed media art collection. Rebecca Gross takes a tour.

Gallery Panel

Our panel of art gallerists take a closer look at the artwork of Kerry Bruce, Martina Roos, Nicole Grimm Hewitt and Mark Tippett.

Living with art

The Fabric of Home

Jane Llewellyn chats with interior decorator Chrissie Jeffery

Design Council

Our design experts share their tips on hanging and styling art

Art Mood

Start with the art and create a beautiful home

Wish you were here

Art Edit takes you to the best art parties

Last word

Art Edit caught up with Zoe Paulsen, director of The Other Art Fair Australia

Plus get up close and personal with art from Pamela Pauline, Kirsten Bresciani, Kelly Pearce, Ron Vanderplight, Bronwyn Brands, Meredith Howse, Anne-Louise Ciel, Joel Tonks, Emma Wright, Anne Goodall, Hettie Rowley, Nicole Voevodin Cash, Trish King Hitz, Lyn Franke, Tom Parso, Jo Roszkowski, Maureen Hales, Jeana Castelli, Diane Williamson, Barbara Fitzpatrick, Maggi McDonald, Chloe Wilder, Meagan Plummer

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