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Love it

Rustic Charm
Rebecca Gross takes us on a tour of a charming homestead by Hare + Klein interior design

Ones to watch
We present the work of the artists you should keep an eye on

What’s on
Exhibition highlights from across the country

One of a kind
Michelle Day and Mark Paulin’s artwork demand your attention

Luscious Oils
Trisha Lambi and her exquisite oil paintings

Painted Perceptions
Exploring Leanne Pearson’s artist journey

Sublime Skies
The sky has no limits for artist Steffie Wallace

Colour Camouflage
Looking into Kristine Ballard’s art process

Take to the streets
Helen McKenzie talks to artist Luke Cornish (ELK) about the power of street art

Kaleidoscope of colour
Explore how geometric shapes influence Chico Cristobal’s paintings

Plus we sit down for a Q&A with artists Gill Pedrana, Peter Day, Dee Jackson, Lee Trewartha, Sally Mundy and Tango Conway


Buy it

Buyer’s guide
Helen McKenzie takes a look into commissioning portraits

Pieces de resistance
Art Edit presents a selection of exceptional work

Destination Art
We introduce you to three stand-out galleries you must visit

Wrap me up
Affordable arty gift ideas just for you

Art Edit goes on the hunt for fantastic new art for your home

Best of Oils
Our round up of outstanding works by seven oil painters

Hang it


Rebecca gross takes a tour of a sophisticated Toorak residence by Robson Rak

Get the look
Art Edit gives you tips on how you can recreate Robson Rak’s style

Mixing old with new
Camilla Wagstaff takes a peek into interior designer Jane Stark’s recent design project

The Gallery Panel
Art Edit’s panel of leading gallerists take a closer look at two established Australian artists


Living with art

Make it home
Emma Blomfield reveals what makes her house a home. Camilla Wagstaff writes

Design council
Our design experts share their tips on hanging and styling art

Art mood
Start with the art and create a beautiful home

Art life
Explore handmade homewares by Copper and Cross

Hone your art and style skills with these books

Wish you were there
Art Edit celebrates recent exhibitions across the country

Last word
We chat to interior designer Simone Haag

Plus get up close and personal with art from Liz Celegato, Kate Kennedy, Kit Hoisington, Angela Robertson-Buchanan, Sandra Cipriotti, Alex Weltlinger, Jacquelyn Stephens, Heidi Savage, Zeina Saadie Christine Earthrowl-Fox, Earl Hingston, Kate Kennedy, Fiona Groom, Martina Roos, Hannah Fox, Jennifer Webb, Graham Earnshaw, Ian Dickinson, Andrea Baumert Howard, Carolyn Griffiths, Karen Bloomfield, Kellie North and Cate Bond.

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