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Love it

Geometry Lessons
Art Edit just loves this modern home with monochromatic interiors.

Ones to watch
We present the work of 10 artists you should keep an eye on

What’s on
Exhibition highlights from across the country

Light and Dark
Discover Rhoda Kirk’s illuminating artworks

Women in uniform
Artist Kathrin Longhurst talks about her journey to becoming a portrait artist.

Between the Mountains and the Sea
Exploring the coast through art with Nicole Grimm-Hewitt

One of a kind
Fall in love with the unique work of Robroy

Plus we sit down for a Q&A with artists Gitta Lindblom and Irene Osborne


Buy it

Buyer’s guide
We speak to the experts about buying glass art

Destination Art
Planning your next gallery crawl? We introduce you to galleries you must visit

Pieces de resistance
Art Edit curates a collection of artwork for you

Best of Portraiture
Our round up of amazing portraits from talented artists across Australia

Art Edit goes on the hunt for fantastic new art for your home

Wrap me up
Affordable arty gift ideas just for you

Hang it

Open spaces
Explore open plan living interiors in this beachside Clovelly home

Hone your art and style skills with these books

Coastal cool
Interior designer Lauren Macer creates a fresh take on coastal elegance


Living with art

Beautiful things
An inside tour of interior designer Patricia Szonert’s home

Design council
Our design experts share their tips on hanging and styling art

Art mood
Start with the art and create a beautiful home

From Australia’s indigenous art centres

Wish you were there
Art Edit takes you to the best art parties

Art life
Find out how NORTH homewares celebrates the beauty of Indigenous textile work

Last word
Kerrie Lena interviews interior designer Kerry Phelan

Plus get up close and personal with art from Chloe Platt, Mark Berryman, Sally West, Laurie Miller, Sandra Jule Cipriotti, Ishbel Morag Miller, Peter Frederick Carr, Jude Hotchkiss, Adrian Gilbert, Ali Wood, Merrin Jeff, Elizabeth Corfe, Nicole Maguire, Jill Kempson, Elizabeth Royce, Craig Parkinson, Sally Ford, Angela Iliadis, Clare MacPherson

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