Gallery Panel: Tobi Wilkinson


Claire Harris

Claire Harris

Kerry-Anne Blanket

Kerry-Anne Blanket

Zoe Paulsen

Zoe Paulson
Tobi Wilkinson, Odette. Silver Gelatin Print, image sits on 40 x 30cm paper.

Tobi Wilkinson, Odette. Silver Gelatin Print, image sits on 40 x 30cm paper.

Claire Harris

DIRECTOR - Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne.

A lovely sensual photograph that has a fine sense of the female form. The gradients are smooth and gentle, befitting the calm and peaceful mood this piece brings with it. Good use of light and line, Tobi has a good eye for composition.

Kerry-Anne Blanket

DIRECTOR and CURATOR, KAB Gallery, Terrigal

Monochrome is an enduring art trend. This photograph of the female nude is simple yet sophisticated, perfectly cropped so that the figure is not immediately recognisable. It has a modern vibe but the pose suggests the artist is playing on a classic theme. An easy work to incorporate within your interior, monochromatic photos add a stylish finish.

Zoe Paulsen

FAIR DIRECTOR, The Other Art Fair

This would work well in a series of 2 or 3. I think the bedroom is a natural fit when it comes to thinking about where
this would work in the home. The greyscale nude emphasises the beautiful female form in a tasteful manner that would make it lovely to live with.

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