Gallery Panel: Laura Phillips


Claire Harris

Claire Harris

Kerry-Anne Blanket

Kerry-Anne Blanket

Zoe Paulsen

Zoe Paulson
Vista #7. Oil on board, 84 x 106cm

Vista #7. Oil on board, 84 x 106cm

Claire Harris

DIRECTOR - Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne.

The first thing that strikes me here is the interesting composition. Laura has anchored the work with a dynamic yellow vase in a strong arrow-like shape and from this branching across the surface are the outlined, in the manner of a printmaker, proteas. The surfaces are varied and add to the overall interest of the piece

Kerry-Anne Blanket

DIRECTOR and CURATOR, KAB Gallery, Terrigal

A contemporary artwork that combines both landscape and still-life genres. I am immediately drawn to the striking mustard vessel: the key visual feature of this work. This is a gorgeous painting which would immediately lift a lifeless room. I would position this work in a living space where I could emphasise and highlight the red blooms with additions of sim- ilar-coloured soft furnishings or ornaments.

Zoe Paulsen

FAIR DIRECTOR, The Other Art Fair

Laura’s work conjures up memories of holidays in the Australian bush. It’s a robust work that would hold its own in a busy kitchen environment – the heart of any home. The use of bold and complementary colours is captivating.

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