Expert Eye: Summer All Year Round


As the days get shorter and the cooler months descend, there’s a tendency to want to batten down the hatches. But just because the cold is creeping in, it doesn’t mean we have to shut the door to the warm feeling that comes with summer. In fact, it’s fair game to enjoy summer all year round in your home if you play to a few foolproof rules of sunny engagement.

For most of us, summer sings of bright blue skies, a hot yellow sun, and oversized bright coloured fruits. It brings with it stripy beach umbrellas, gelato ice cream and vast ocean-scapes. So why not embody those colour principles within your home to ensure summer stays past its expiry date?

While colour is subjective, a fresh white interior with pops of bright primary colour will always create a summery vibe. The beauty of this trick is that you can turn the volume up or down and live within the confines of your own colour comfort zone. If it’s pastel blues, pinks and yellows that make you feel happy, then incorporating this summery palette indoors may make you feel warm on the inside year-round. If you prefer the primary spectrum, opt for a brighter, bolder palette to put a pep in your step. Either way, pops of colour are like rays of sunshine  – they’ll keep your home feeling warm and fresh, even when the outdoors say something different.

Nothing adds colour and life to a home like art. Opt for works with warmer colours – think oranges, pinks, yellows and browns – for that dreamy, summer feeling. Then add in some works with vibrant greens and blues, colours that remind us of lush green pastures and crustal clear waves. Placed on warm, white walls, these artworks will have you feeling like summer never ended.

But adding warmth to your home doesn’t just have to be about colour.  Selecting a mix of textured items will layer a space with warmth too, as will bold stripes or summery patterns. Think breathable fabrics, linens, and cottons that are not heavy or overly wintery.

If you love summer like I do, make it last. Don’t let it slip from your grip just because the rays aren’t shining. Embody those warmer hues, and sprinkle them throughout your home, so that summer never really left the building.

Styling by Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors, assisted by Aisha Chaudhry and Jessica Retallack.




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