Destination Art: Backleg Studio


Can you give us a bit of background on Backleg Studio?

We have been working from the art studio on our property for years, but our online gallery is new – and progressive – and is the best way to view our latest artworks. Backleg Studio is a collaboration between two artists, myself [Michelle Peddle] and Joanne Portelli. We both have backgrounds in fine arts and graphic design, and we are both passionate about Australian flora, fauna and Indigenous culture.

Why did you decide to open your online gallery?

The decision to open the online gallery was really a progression of our art and a desire to enable our customers to purchase original works and prints without having to attend gallery openings or exhibitions. We were motivated by our customers to provide accessibility to our artwork and we also wanted to share the process of our design and art-making with our customers.

How would you describe your respective practices?

I create scratchboard art, a unique art medium that relies on etching with a variety of tools to create a finely detailed image. Most scratchboard art is black and white, although I prefer to add a bit of colour to most of my artwork. This is considered to push the boundaries of traditional scratchboard work, so in this regard my style is very unique. I am a member of International Scratchboard Society and exhibit internationally, throughout Australia and locally.

Joanne is a flexible artist with a broad range of skills, from fine pencil work and illustration to detailed clay board etchings. She has a passion for Australian native flora and fauna and has successfully exhibited internationally and throughout Australia. She has extensive experience in art and design, and is proficient in creating visual images from initial discussions and concepts.

What are some of your upcoming exhibition highlights?

Our Australian birds, endangered species and extinction series is worth a look. We are also currently working on an Indigenous exhibition for 2019.

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Joanne Portelli, Tasmanian Devils. 60 x 46cm.

Destination Art: Backleg Studio

Backleg Studio is a new online gallery launched by artists Michelle Peddle and Joanne Portelli.

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