Best of Murals: The Walking Creative


At first, you might not realise that there is a complex and deeply personal narrative behind The Walking Creative’s bold murals which enliven the streets of his Adelaide hometown. Behind his bright splashes of colour and playful characters, he layers commentary about specific moments or movements in time with personal and emotional experiences of poor mental health. For The Walking Creative, aka James Smith, his mural practice began four years ago as a way of challenging his existing studio practice and creating public spaces of absolute euphoria. “When it comes to painting a mural,” he says, “I like to visit the wall, get a feel of the space and begin to visualise my colours, characters, objects and subjects.” Taking cues from the works of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, James uses acrylic house paint to shed light on collective human experience. “The utilisation of bright colours enabled me to break away from darkness and bring euphoria to the streets and into people’s homes,” he says.

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