Best of Murals: REUBSZZ


After a 14-year stint as a studio painter and illustrator, Reubszz decided to go big or go home. Switching paint for aerosol and canvas for wall, Reubszz took his work to the streets as a way of exposing the art world to people who don’t usually get to view it. The subject of his realist works are often derived from his own photography and aims to connect people through shared relationships and experiences of contemporary urban life. For Reubszz, art is a communal experience and should be made as such. In late 2018 he travelled to a remote Indonesian Island where he taught art and created murals for the local community. “I really enjoy working with community groups and charities to help bring visions to life as well as giving back to the community through street murals,” he says. His works are now dotted throughout the streets of Sydney’s Inner West as well as in New Zealand, Indonesia and Samoa. Reubszz’s work is a fresh twist on the urban mural where classical portraiture meets contemporary street funk.

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