Best of Murals: Lauren Webster


For Sydney-based artist Lauren Webster, large-scale mural works are somewhat of an accidental tangent. Primarily a studio-based artist, Lauren graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Sydney’s College of Fine Arts and her work now sits comfortably at the crossroads of art and design. While solo and group shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Los Angeles (to name a few), have seen her practice gain international reach, Lauren’s true revel is in collaborative creation. Her recognisable design aesthetic, inspired by graphic imagery of decades past, symbolic visual languages and vintage design, has sparked the attention of fashion labels, surf and skate brands, object designers, magazines and music festivals. Now, having worked with brands such as Mambo, Vans and McTavish Surfboards, Lauren has ensured her art practice is getting the exposure it deserves. While Lauren uses a range of mediums in her studio practice, her mural works are often created using house paints. “My process for creating murals is quite different to the rest of my practice,” she says. “Usually it’s the space or a wall that lands in my lap first. Where possible I like to visit the site in person before creating a concept, that way I can consider other elements of its surrounds so that the artwork can have a better relationship to the space around it.”

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