Best of Minimalism: Tara Schyer


Melbourne based artist Tara Schyer always pictured herself creating messy abstract-expressionist landscape paintings, but after a hard-edge abstraction class with artist Ry Haskins in 2016 her practice took another direction. Hooked on the calm, clean and methodical simplicity of hard-edge abstraction, Tara seeks to express the interconnectedness of people through her work. Her monochromatic palette with stark oppositional colours is a reminder of the inherent divisions within humankind, yet her use of line alludes to connection and friendship. As a psychologist specialising in trauma, Tara is meticulous, as is her work.

“The white I use is very important to me. I’ve spent a long time developing a white that is exactly how I want it to be. Not too bright, dull, warm, cool, or incipient,” she says. Big bold shapes and clean lines inspired  by buildings and rooftops are translated in acrylic and oil paint, overlayed with metal leaf and pen. “And I always consider the frame,” she says. “Because I see the frame as part of the work, adding another dimension.”

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