Best of Minimalism: Steph Bolt


Empathy for the common person is not something everyone can say they have. But for artist Steph Bolt the commonality between all people across different cultural and physical landscapes is an enduring source of intrigue. Steph splits her time equally between the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and the island of Skopelos in Greece, and for her, travel and art are totally intertwined and feed off each other. Her work traverses across many mediums, from paper and acrylic paint to MDF, plywood and cyanotype solutions.

Her main tool though is her camera. “My work is predominately about people, the common person in their local environment, my subject matter is deliberately non-heroic,” she says. “I observe, record and document everyday life with my camera. These photographs are then used as source material to produce work that incorporates both print and sculptural media.” Steph holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Melbourne’s RMIT, which is where her exploration of the minimalist constructed object first began. Focusing on the space created in between and around objects, she de-contextualises complex photographic images and lets a figure stand alone in blank space. You can find Steph’s work at The Art Vault, Mildura,
fortyfive downstairs Gallery, Melbourne, and online.

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