Best of Minimalism: Lynda Hyde


With a career spanning four decades in the arts as an artist, set and costume designer and performer, Lynda Hyde is an experienced player in the game. Having trained in drafting Lynda spent time working in the offices of Modernist architect Harry Seidler where her fascination with the Modernist movement was cemented. Today her hard-edge geometric paintings and block prints are continuing her life-long commitment to the Modernist aesthetic. “I hope my work continues to convey that era’s strong sense of optimism, fun and happiness, traits that are somewhat lacking in these current times,” says Lynda. While limited to three variables — colour, line and form — Lynda is continually experimenting with bolder colours, new relationships between positive and negative space and alternate orientations to create a body of work that is diverse and unexpected. “One thing that surprises people is that I don’t use any tape to create my hard edges, just traditional tools and techniques!” she says. In her current series of large geometric abstractions she plays with shifting planes, points of focus and the perception of movement. At once dizzying and entrancing, her bold paintings bring new meaning to minimalism.

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