Best Of Fora & Fauna: Liz H. Lovell

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When you first look at work by Sydney-based artist Liz H. Lovell, it might be the big, bold strokes of a native bird that you see – the gentle pinks of a rose galah, or the jaunty mane of a sulphur-crested cockatoo. But the deeper you look, the more detail emerges – the detailed speck of a bee extracting honey from a blossom, or the dainty dew drops that cling to a camellia leaf.

The complexity and beauty of the natural world are rendered in high detail in Liz’s works, who uses mixed media – such as oils, watercolours and inks – to achieve her desired effect. The result is often a blend of impressionism and realism; an evocation of classical techniques that draws attention to the interconnectedness of the natural world as we experience it today.

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The deeper you look, the more detail emerges in the paintings of Sydney-based artist Liz H. Lovell.

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