Best of Fine Art Photography: Wendy McGrath


The photography of Wendy McGrath involves so much more than a camera. The Noosa-based artist mostly works within the regenerated rainforest around her home, where she builds evocative sculptures – usually made from “ephemeral” materials foraged from the site – which are then captured to create photographs that are visually beautiful and narratively contemplative. In the artist’s own words, she creatively interprets places with the aim of capturing their magic and embedded memory.

Each of Wendy’s images seem tied to some larger story. This completeness comes from the way she researches their context, walking each site to absorb the energy of the landscape and sometimes camping out, in all weather, to familiarise herself with its details. The resulting images have been exhibited widely, including state and regional galleries. Rain, hail or shine, you can always find works on her website.

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