Best of Fine Art Photography: Tobi Wilkinson


There is a lushness to Tobi Wilkinson’s photography. The emotive pull of the work makes subjects seem as if you could reach out and touch them. Her style is a sort of meditation: the longer you look, the more depth emerges from beneath the veneer. We are invited to stop and consider the moment, often full of humanity, that has been captured mid-flight.

Most of Tobi’s current is taken on a Leica camera, but she moves between film and digital depending on what she wants from the shot. Her practice is immersive to say the least. While photographing the monks shown here, she spent several stints living in a monastery in India, getting up at 3am and sitting with them during their chants each morning. Sometimes, this would last the entire day. Recently, Tobi exhibited her work in Florence, and she is working on a book that is set to be released next year. Her photographs are available on her website.

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