James Cooper, King Tide II. Synthetic polymer paint on wooden board, 51 x 41cm.

Ones to Watch: James Cooper

Artist James Cooper takes his cues – textures and dimensions, rifts and whorls – from the oceanic environment.
Sharen-Lee McLachlan, KITSUNE. Ink airbrushed on canvas, 120 x 100 x 2cm.

Ones to Watch: Sharen-Lee McLachlan

Artist Sharen-Lee McLachlan stretches the medium of airbrush painting beyond what you’d consider possible.
Teresa Franks, JOURNEY TO CRADLE MOUNTAIN. Ink airbrushed on canvas, 120 x 90 x 5cm.

Ones to Watch: Teresa Franks

Airbrush artist Teresa Franks is renowned for her messages of empowerment, conveyed through surrealist works on disparate mediums.
Christophe Domergue, Post Industrial Peeling Mastercut #1, 90 x 90cm.

Ones to Watch: Christophe Domergue

In his series Post-Industrial Peelings, artist Christophe Domergue records the intricate particulars of an abandoned industrial site in Sydney’s Inner West.
Luke Wagner, View from my window, Tasman Island, 2018. Oil & wax on linen, 77 x 122cm.

Ones to Watch: Luke Wagner

In Luke Wagner’s most recent series, three decades of painting experience cumulate in a collection of landscapes inspired by Tasman Island.
Laura White, Nana’s Crystal. Oil on canvas, 61 x 61cm.

Ones to Watch: Laura White

Laura White is an Australian artist known for her realist still life portraits and nature-inspired oil paintings.

Ones to watch: Susan Gustafson

Susan rises to the challenge of transforming her ideas into something tangible, all the while being aware of balance, composition, energy and freshness.

Ones to watch: David Waters

David’s command of his medium is very apparent. His stone works are at once strong and subtle.

Ones to watch: Daniel Butterworth

Daniel’s loose and free approach to his medium is captivating!
Chelle Destefano, Stormy Seas Boat. Watercolour, ink, gouache, pastel on cold-pressed watercolour paper, 21 x 30cm.

Ones to watch: Chelle Destefano

Chelle’s dynamic compositions speak to an untold depth of knowledge and research. Each piece provokes thought, discussion and introspection.