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Artist Profiles

Art Edit profiles these artists in our latest issues.

Artist Profile: Gabrielle Pool

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Gabrielle Pool has long been carving out her own unique journey, with her artwork attesting to the faraway places and foreign influences she has encountered along the way. Charlotte Middleton writes.

Artist Profile: Nigel Sense

Reflecting on paths taken and those still to take, Nigel Sense expertly fills his canvases with wistful optimism. Maddy Matheson writes.

Artist Profile: Sangeeta Mahajan

Wrapping her subjects in a cloak of muted intensity, photographer Sangeeta Mahajan explores themes of human displacement, belonging and unbelonging. Adriana Borsey writes.

Artist Profile: Dita Angeles

Using saturated colours and unusual perspectives, Dita Angeles doesn’t rest until she convincingly represents the ambience of her subjects.

Artist Profile: Bundit Puangthong

Fusing past with present, Bundit Puangthong renders the rural Thai culture into which he was born with the contemporary urban backdrop of his Melbourne surrounds. Louise Martin-Chew writes. Photography by Elke Meitzel.

Artist Profile: Janno Mclaughlin

Through her all-encompassing and playful artistic practice, Janno Mclaughlin shows us a lighter and more joyful version of life. Maddy Matheson writes.

Artist Profile: James Lai

James Lai stages a theatre of natural delights and cautionary tales under the endearing guise of the Australian landscape. Thomas Kusturin writes.

Artist Profile: Trish Campbell

Using light to navigate her way through adversity, the works of New Zealand-based artist Trish Campbell are theatrical and euphoric. Erin Irwin writes.

In Conversation With

Art Edit sits down with these artists in a Q + A.

In Conversation With: Yegana Jafarova

The ceramic practice of Yegana Jafarova looks at the beauty of nature.

In Conversation With: Rob Walwyn

Documenting Australian landscapes in Aerochrome Colour Infrared film allows Rob Walwyn to portray his medium in a vastly different way.

In Conversation With: Peter Smets

Skilfully rendering often-overlooked sites of construction, Peter Smets finds beauty in the stages in-between.

In Conversation With: Melinda Hunter

Awash with pink, the works of Melinda Hunter symbolise the wonderment of emotion.

In Conversation With: Mandy Francis

Mandy Francis uses birds and plants to explore ideas of resilience, humour, and connection.

In Conversation With: Maggie Stein

Maggie Stein playfully reimagines the built landscapes of Sydney’s Inner West.

In Conversation With: Kate Lionis

For Kate Lionis, the female form is inextricably linked with nature.

In Conversation With: Jaqueline Burgess

With dream-like idealism, Jaqueline Burgess translates the beauty of Australia’s coastlines


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