The artists featured in the latest issues of Art Edit.

Artist Profiles

Art Edit profiles these artists in our latest issues.

Artist Profile: Zetta Kanta

Like painting with wool, fibre artist Zetta Kanta creates wall hangings and tapestries that achieve a sense of humble richness.

Artist Profile: Toby Raine

From Batman, Francis Bacon and The Exorcist to Ozzy Osbourne doing cocaine, Auckland-based artist Toby Raine takes his cues from the subgenres of the entertainment industry.

Artist Profile: The Huxleys

Easy as it may be to get caught up in the sheer spectacle of The Huxleys’ work, real heart and substance underpin the fur, fluff, and feather boas.

Artist Profile: Margie Delahunty Spencer

Margie Delahunty Spencer translates her subjects into dreamlike interactions to celebrate the joys of the everyday.

Artist Profile: Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge

Dr Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge uses pervasive iconography – dots, spots and crosses – to tell stories of belonging, colonisation and identity. She talks to Stephanie Vigilante about immersing herself in the landscape.

Artist Profile: Dave Court

Exploring the boundaries between private and public, Dave Court transforms spaces into colourful worlds of curiosity. Rose of Sharon Leake writes.

Artist Profile: Kawita Vatanajyankur

With equal parts ferocity, sensitivity and humour, Kawita Vatanajyankur uses her own body to question the systems we so diligently abide by. Rose of Sharon Leake writes.

Artist Profile: Doreen Chapman

Manyjilyjarra artist Doreen Chapman’s bright and spirited paintings attest to a life lived and observed richly. Charlotte Middleton writes.

In Conversation With

Art Edit sits down with these artists in a Q + A.

In Conversation With: Yegana Jafarova

The ceramic practice of Yegana Jafarova looks at the beauty of nature.

In Conversation With: Rob Walwyn

Documenting Australian landscapes in Aerochrome Colour Infrared film allows Rob Walwyn to portray his medium in a vastly different way.

In Conversation With: Peter Smets

Skilfully rendering often-overlooked sites of construction, Peter Smets finds beauty in the stages in-between.

In Conversation With: Melinda Hunter

Awash with pink, the works of Melinda Hunter symbolise the wonderment of emotion.

In Conversation With: Mandy Francis

Mandy Francis uses birds and plants to explore ideas of resilience, humour, and connection.

In Conversation With: Maggie Stein

Maggie Stein playfully reimagines the built landscapes of Sydney’s Inner West.

In Conversation With: Kate Lionis

For Kate Lionis, the female form is inextricably linked with nature.

In Conversation With: Jaqueline Burgess

With dream-like idealism, Jaqueline Burgess translates the beauty of Australia’s coastlines


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