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Artist Profiles

Art Edit profiles these artists in our latest issues.

Artist Profile:Kumanjayi Tjapaltjarri

The works of the late Kumanjayi Tjapaltjarri – Pintupi elder and renowned Papunya Tula artist – commonly portray events from the Tingari Cycle, a deeply sacred ceremonial men’s narrative. Andrew Nicholls writes.

Artist Profile: Mark Merrikin

Transcending the everyday, the works of Mark Merrikin are considered and quirky vignettes of suburban life. Pilar Mitchell writes. 

Artist Profile: Margaret Ambridge

Rendering her subjects naked, not nude, allows Margaret Ambridge to delve into the vulnerability of humanity. Erin Irwin writes.

Artist Profile: Jacqui Gibbs Chamberlain

Jacqui Gibbs Chamberlain’s works are animated by her layering of charcoal, oils and resin. Erin Irwin writes

Artist Profile: Honey Long and Prue Stent

The highly experimental practice of artist duo Honey Long and Prue Stent captures the slippery nature of representation. Rose of Sharon Leake writes. 

Artist Profile: Harold David

Pivoting from photography to painting, Harold David has found his stride, captivating viewers with works evoking transcendence of the everyday. Charlotte Middleton writes.

Artist Profile: Tamika Grant-Iramu

In the works of Tamika Grant-Iramu, fauna tussles for space amid the dense backdrop of our urban reality. Erin Irwin writes.

Artist Profile: Sophie Gralton

Preserving the innocence of youth has captivated Sophie Gralton for twenty seven years, and she’s only just getting started. Charli Rose Gerry writes.

In Conversation With

Art Edit sits down with these artists in a Q + A.

In Conversation with: David Beaumont

In the studio before the sun has risen, David Beaumont imbues his work with considered stillness.

In Conversation with: Jorna Newberry

A Pitjantjatjara woman born at Angus Downs, 300 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs, Jorna Newberry paints the beauty and mystery of her Country.

In Conversation with:Martha Ackroyd Curtis

With confidence and humour, Martha Ackroyd Curtis’ photographs capture the drama of life.

In Conversation with: Audrey Kearns

Audrey Kearns uses texture and organic shape to give everyday household objects a life beyond the ordinary.

In Conversation with: Tan Arlidge

Playful yet refined, the works of Tan Arlidge are moments caught in time.

In Conversation with: Woochang Kim

Sydney-based ceramicist Woochang Kim endeavours to capture human emotion and expression.

In Conversation With: Davide Uliana

Italian-born Mullumbimby-based artist Davide Uliana uses his practice to reflect on his surroundings.

In Conversation With: Nanou Dupuis

Belgian-born Melbourne-based artist Nanou Dupuis pushes the boundaries of space.


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