Artist Profile: Sophie Perez


You can almost feel the fresh air on your skin when admiring the tranquil works of Victoria-based painter, Sophie Perez. Often visiting the rugged coastlines and bush of the Mornington Peninsula, where she now resides, Sophie relishes in the untouched landscapes as a source of inspiration. “Creativity is a constant. I am always absorbing, thinking and questioning what I see and experience,” says the artist.

Growing up in England allowed Sophie to be exposed to art galleries all around Europe – where she first fell in love with art – and allowed her to attend art school in London.

Ideas for paintings often come to fruition on Sophie’s trail runs or places she has visited with her family. For Sophie, capturing the magic of a landscape paired with specific memories is important. “I take photographs and make compositional sketches to enable me to take this place back into the studio” she says.

The softness in her landscapes are achieved through the rich colours and creamy consistency of Sophie’s go-to medium, oil paint. A pre-primed poly cotton canvas provides a smooth yet forgiving base that allows Sophie to work into the surface “and it stays nice and taut on the stretcher”. The freedom and freshness paint brings to keep the landscape alive, not just on canvas but in her memory, is something Sophie holds dear.

Sophie is currently working on a new body of work for The Other Art Fair Sydney and her first solo show in Melbourne next year. Her permanent collection can be viewed at the Cook Street Collective in Flinders, Victoria.

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