Meron Somers: Focussing In

Meron Somers renders familiar subjects in nature with meticulous detail and monumental scale. Erin Irwin writes.

“Each flower has its very own powerful personality,” says Meron Somers of her favourite sitters. “I love to see the character of a flower develop on my canvas, seeing how the petals twist and turn to create such loveliness through a bee’s eye view.”

Meron’s large scale canvases are dominated by delicate blossoms, magnified to allow the viewer an intimate view of the details we so often miss. Planes of acrylic colour blend seamlessly together to convey the subtleties of tone and silky softness of petals. Dramatic lighting gives her subjects individual characters, casting strong shadows to bring a sense of depth and drama.

Meron considers herself lucky to have two studios, one in her home in inner Brisbane, and another in Tyalgum in the Northern Rivers of NSW. She finds that the two very different environments inspire very different works.

“My city paintings tend to be tighter and more controlled, with finer details,” she says. “Whereas the country paintings are looser, and the details are much more relaxed, with big sweeps of colour. It’s an absolute treat to be able to capture different light, attitude and pace.”

For Meron, Brisbane offers the bright, full-bodied flowers of its sub-tropical climate, while the cooler mountain terrain near Mount Warning provides a stark contrast of natural wonders to stimulate new ideas. Each of these environments provide her with new avenues for production and stimulate Meron’s multi-lensed practice.

Meron’s love of art was seeded during her early career as an interior designer. At the time, it was crucial to be able to render her ideas in paint to show prospective clients, which required a keen eye and steady hand for fine detail. This has translated well into her current practice, which may have changed in subject matter but not in the necessary balance of creativity and the ability to faithfully depict her subject.

In her latest paintings, familiar flowers become monumental, plucked from their homes tucked away in nature and depicted large to appreciate the subtle details of each individual petal, stamen or leaf.

Her works take a closer look at the things we often miss in our daily lives. With her large, dramatic canvases, we are granted a bee’s eye view of the beauty of the Australian landscape.

Featured image: Meron Somers, COCO. Acrylic on canvas, 107 x 81cm. Courtesy: the artist.

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Artist Profile: Meron Somers

Meron Somers renders familiar subjects in nature with meticulous detail and monumental scale.

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